I want to say thank you to all the models, actresses, artists, and photographers I have worked with.  Nothing would have been possible without you. 



 APEX Photography

 Asterisk Photography

 Ayala Photography

 Edge Boudoir Photography

 Fabian Studios

 Felipe Santos

 Fell2 Photography

 Iniji Photography

 KD Gray Photography

 Myron Vines Photography

 Robert Rainbow Photography

 Sherrie Imaging

 Tony Gonzalez

 Mudyariwa The WriterPrince Photo.

 VL Productions





 Alex Holliman “Farrier Bell Fashions”

 Alton McCullough King

 Edward Dillard

 Francesca Nelo

Imatha Griggs-Hasan

 Joseph Hinton

 Jewve Mukoro “Threaded Culture”



“READERS” TV Series Pilot/ Key MUA & Hairstylist

“ATL BOSSDIVAZ LATINAZ” Reality Show/ Boss Divaz Productions/ Makeup Artist

“HUNTING SEASON” Music Video/ Soul Free Enterprises/ MUA

“BETWEEN WOMEN” Web Series/ Tag Team Productions/ Makeup Artist

“SAL’s” Short Film/ Makeup Artist

“Un –Official Shake it Off” Music Video/ Key Hairstylist/ Makeup Artist

“WHAT GOD JOINED TOGETHER”/Stage Production/ Makeup Artist



 Kat Robichaud (Season 5 The Voice) Makeup

 Brenna (Lead Singer of Hell No) Makeup



Aveda Art Fusion Cat Walk for Water/ MUA

Bronner Bros. Hair Show/ Lead Make-up Artist

Fashion Night Out ATL/ Make-up Artist

Splice & Dice Charity Fashion Show/ Hair Stylist

1st Annual ATL Latina Fashion Show/ MUA

“Art to Life” Rite Music Group Production/ Hair Stylist